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Reviews: Burned in Stone

“A gripping well-paced story with strong historical research backing it up. The strong descriptions pull the reader into the scenes with sensory stimulation. The reader is kept engaged with the plot. Bounce per ounce, I enjoyed this book.”

–– Idony Lisele, Editor

“This is a great action-packed novel that blurs the line between fiction and non-fiction by weaving traditional bible stories and historical facts into an adventurous plot that whisks the reader around the world. Matt Lane, the main character is a rich and famous archeologist looking for one of the most infamous and notorious biblical relics, the Arc of the Covenant. The plot moves quickly and is a nostalgic nod to the golden-age of classic mystery novels, which is refreshing. This novel gives the reader an interesting plot with well-developed main characters without the gore or gratuitous sex. As the character Lane gets closer to finding the Arc of the Covenant so does the danger, and readers are taken on exciting ride as Lane, his girlfriend Ann, his best friend Jim, and the mysterious girl Stephanie who gives Lane the map that beckons them all together on this spiritual mission. The meticulously researched facts about archaeology and the historical context of the ancient cities the characters visit gives this novel a tall-tale feeling where the reader can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy. All in all, it is a wholesome, exciting and spiritual adventure that would spark anyone’s interest who is a fan of the bible, historical theology, archaeology and traveling with a purpose.”

–– Tara Alatorre, 2016 ANA Investigative Reporter of the year.

“I liked this novel very much for its slam-bang action and clever plot line. The author obviously did a lot of research on ancient antiquities and clearly knows what he is talking about.

The scenes in Israel, Thailand, the Mediterranean Sea, and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula are realistic and ring true.

There are some very tender scenes that contain heart-felt highly emotional writing with some nice tender touches of humor sprinkled here and there.”

–– Bill Worth, editor, and author of “Outwitting Multiple Sclerosis:” How Forgiveness Helped Me Heal My Brain By Changing My Mind”
and the novels “House of the Sun: A Metaphysical Novel of Maui” and “The Hidden Life of Jesus Christ: A Memoir.”