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About the Author

Richard Ira Carroll
Born: Pierce, Colorado

Richard Carroll, a retired commercial air conditioning contractor, has always had an active imagination and a thirst for understanding the how and why. His creativity is unending, having invented and patented the first trailer to be pulled behind a motorcycle. The second patent he received was for a double load truck bed. In his work, he was always implementing new methods to facilitate and improve the end product.

As a teenager, Richard enlisted in the US Navy and had sailed on an aircraft carrier on the seas of the Far East and back to San Diego before he turned eighteen. In 1977-1980, Richard worked in Saudi Arabia, traveling through many countries on his trips back and forth to Arizona.

Richard has three children, and the family has since grown to include sixteen grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren. Richard’s first novel, “The Lost Photographs”, was written with the thought that it would be appropriate reading and exciting for all ages, including his grandchildren.

Mr. Carroll and his wife, Yvonne, divide their time between the desert of Mesa, Arizona, and the cool pines of Show Low, Arizona.
Since they retired, they have traveled extensively visiting many countries of the world and every wonderful state in the USA. They once spent six weeks on a successful dig for gem stones in the Outback of Australia. All these travels provided inspiration for his first novel, “The Lost Photographs”, and the sequel, “Burned in Stone”.

Like Richard’s characters in his novels, he finds life an adventure to be experienced and lived to the fullest.